Reasons to visit Cornwall this Winter

Visit Cornwall

You may very well be suffering from a touch of the January blues. If you are, we at the Cornwall Holiday Retreats have a cure……a winter break in Cornwall.

Our wonderful dramatic landscapes, friendly people and exciting visitor attractions are just some of the reasons why we know that you will enjoy a winter or early spring stay with us at the Cornwall Holiday retreats. Yet, there are so many more reasons and here are a few for you to mull over!

 IT’S OH, SO QUIET…. Sshhhh

An obvious thing to note but Winter is low season for most of our wonderful country and Cornwall in particular. This means that it is oh so quiet, but wonderfully so. Visitor attractions will not have long queues, restaurants will have shorter wait times, and the beaches are practically empty. So, if you want to marvel at our dramatic landscapes, get lost in your thoughts on a beach stroll with the wind in your face, then this time of the year is perfect for you. Wrap up, get outside, and experience it first-hand.


Low season travel is always going to be kinder on our pocket and let’s be honest we can all feel it after Christmas spending. Winter and Spring in Cornwall will cost you less, and that means terrific value for money. Whether its car rental, staying at the Cornwall Holiday Retreats or dining out, get more bang for your buck.


After a gentle hike on the moors, or a brisk walk on a deserted beach, you cannot do better than a traditional Cornish comfort food to warm and nourish you and your soul. Make sure you try the iconic Cornish pasty with beer gravy, Stargazy pie and of course cream tea.

Of course, a visit to our local “Jamaica Inn” on Bodmin Moor will also put a pep in your step, especially if you opt to experience one of their well-known “Ghost Hunt” evenings. Watch out for their “Ghost Hunt” events happening in January 2021. More info here.

Get your bucket list out for 2022, and if a visit to Cornwall Holiday Retreats is there, don’t delay get booking for a Winter or Spring break, you won’t regret it.

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